Summer Time is a great time to sell! Things to know:

The Sullivan Brothers Team
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Happy Summner,

Have you ever noticed that some TV shows stereotype lawyers, doctors and even real estate agents like us?

Real estate agents, for example, are often seen hammering in lawn signs, hosting open houses and making deals.

But, of course, there’s more to the story than that.

Sure, we do a lot of work for our clients during a transaction – helping them find and buy the home of their dreams and, in many cases, helping them sell their current properties quickly and for the best price.

But our role doesn’t end there.

We stick with our clients for the long-term, helping them maximize their enjoyment of their homes. Jerry and I do that by staying in touch regularly, being available when they have questions or need recommendations, and providing other home-related advice and services.

There are many less-than-dramatic things we do for clients that don’t make it to a TV show but are still important to you!

Here to help you when you need us!

The Sullivan Brothers Team of RE/MAX Choice Properties

The Sullivan Brothers Team of
RE/MAX Choice Properties

131 Indian Lake Blvd.  Suite 200
Hendersonville, TN
Office: 615-822-2003 ext. 190.       Office: 615-822-2003 ext. 192
Cell: 615-418-0180                         Cell: 615-596-7441


Quick Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen renovations tend to be the biggest, most complicated home makeover projects, mainly because the kitchen is the most frequented and most multifunctional room in modern homes. But sometimes a kitchen makeover can be achieved with some simple cosmetic changes, rather than a complete redesign of the actual floor plan.
Beyond a basic color scheme change, the next makeover level involves replacing cabinet hardware. Remove a set of hinges, knobs and/or pulls to identify the type of screw/bolt settings that will be needed. Then, choose from the many options available at home building centers or specialty knob stores. Similarly, consider a new faucet and sink, upgraded countertop or a fresh tile backsplash. Each will contribute to a dramatic change. You may want to consider replacing or refinishing the drawer and cupboard facings as well, although that would likely require professional help.

Improved lighting is another important way to change a kitchen’s look and functionality. However, general overhead lighting, strategic task lighting and ambient mood lighting could involve rewiring. Finally, replacing the flooring will result in a significant change to any kitchen. Choices range from recycled cork to indestructible granite. Remember to consider not only appearance but also practicality.

What Does a Property Surveyor Do?

Property Surveyors, sometimes referred to as Land Surveyors, play a vital role in the real estate world. They are the professionals who determine or confirm the exact boundaries of a property.

Will you need to deal with a Property Surveyor when you sell your home?

You might.

Sometimes the mortgage lender will ask for a land survey, especially if your property is older and hasn’t changed hands in many years. You might also be asked for one by the buyer if there is any confusion about the size and boundaries of your property – or if significant changes have been made to it in recent years.

This is nothing to be concerned about.

A qualified Property Surveyor will do the appropriate inspections and measurements on your property and issue you the survey. (It looks a little like a blueprint.)

Property Surveyors are highly trained and licensed. The profession is represented by the National Society of Professional Surveyors, with each state having its own governing body.

Before spending the money on a new land survey, make sure you don’t already have one. Hopefully, you’ve stored the paperwork that relates to the purchase of your home. Look through it. A valid land survey might be right there.

If you have questions about land surveys, call today.

Deciding on a Discretionary Move

Sometimes we don’t get to choose whether or not to sell our home and buy another one. Circumstances, such as a job relocation, may make that decision for us.

However, most often, the decision to move is discretionary. Sometimes people move simply because they think it’s a good idea. They feel that “now” is the right time to find their next dream home.

You may feel you need to find a new home, because you’ve outgrown your current property. Perhaps you have a growing family and require more space. Maybe you’re doing more entertaining and need a larger backyard with a more spacious deck. It could be that the commute to work is arduous and you need to move to a place that’s closer.

Those “needs” may motivate you to move, but sometimes a “want” can play an important role too.

For example, you may want to live in a quieter neighborhood or in a newly built home that requires less maintenance. Maybe you simply want a change.

If you’re thinking of making a move, take a moment to write down a list of your needs and wants. Seeing them on paper will help make the decision easier.

Looking for expert help? Call today.

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